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Tiggiano is a charming town of 2.000 inhabitants situated on the eastern side of the Capo di Leuca. Its territory is part of the Authentic Italian Villages and it offers its visitors a wide variety of beauties, ranging from the historical and artistic monuments of great value to the natural landscapes surrounded by countryside and sea.

The territory of Tiggiano still retains the typical spontaneity of Salento, a land characterised by fruitful olive groves and ancient and traditional architectures belonging to the peasant culture, such as stone terraces, pajare and fortified farmhouses. It is no coincidence that the famous Hollywood couple Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford has recently settled in their countryside home in Tiggiano, after the renovation of “Torre Matine” an ancient sixteenth century farmhouse. The olive trees grow luxuriantly in the surrounding countryside and they take the form of green fields which extend throughout the whole territory of Tiggiano. Over the centuries, the olive crops have supported the local economy, thanks to the production of the precious olive oil. Among the olive trees it is easy to see the ancient pajare, some rural architectures made with stones extracted from the countryside.

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