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Santa Cesarea Terme


The town of Santa Cesarea Terme is situated on the east side of Salento. Its evocative coast is part of the “Regional Nature Park Costa Otranto - S. Maria di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase”.

Its territory is among the most attractive and the most sought-after sea resorts in the Salentinian touristic itinerary. The town centre is situated at the foot of a verdant hill, in ancient times known as Montem Saracenum, on which you can find the watchtower of the same name, also known as Tower of Santa Cesarea. This tower was once connected to other similar towers such as Torre Specchia La Guardia and Torre Minervino.

Along the coast one finds thermal mineral springs which possess beneficial properties, enriched, as they are, by the presence of bromine, sulphur and sulphurous hydrogen gas. The waters of Santa Cesarea Terme were already known in ancient times; in particular, the characteristic sulphur odour attracted many explorers and sailors who frequented the coasts of the Strait of Otranto and they encouraged the birth of many legends.

Santa Cesarea is linked to the myth of the Leuterni giants, who, according to legend, died in many of the caves and cavities along the coast. It is said the dissolution of their bodies made those underground waters sulphurous as evidenced by their unmistakeable pungent smell. In the Christian era, the territory and its name were linked to Saint Caesaria, a virgin hermit who, according to tradition, took refuge in the caves of this area to escape the dangerous attention of her father. The church of Sacro Cuore di Gesù, is an example of the strong devotion of the citizens to their patroness.

It was built in 1924 on an ancient chapel where, according to tradition, the young holy woman died. Behind the church you can find the former convent of the Minor Friars which houses the Museum of the Sea. The museum preserves an interesting collection of finds from the sea. Here it is also possible to admire a precious historical collection of scuba equipment. From the terraces of Santa Cesarea you can get lost in the vast view of the sea, the area’s primary feature, and the guardian of the ancient and spiritual soul of these places.

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