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Minervino di Lecce


Minervino di Lecce is located in the southern Salento, a few kilometers south from Otranto. The territory is part of the Union of Municipalities of the Eastern Coast, together with Ortelle, Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme. Among its lands there are numerous megalithic testimonies, a monumental legacy of the permanent presence of man since the age of metals.

Evocative is the countryside that extends around the town, branching into dense plots of olive trees towards the villages of Specchia Gallone and Cocumola. The green expanses, characterized by lush and ancient arboreal monuments, are the evident synthesis of the economy of the country, strongly linked to the agricultural vocation, in particular in the production of oil, wine and cereal products. The architecture of rural civilization is divided into the countryside of Minervino and it is expressed in fact in the charming dry stone walls, built over the centuries by the hands of local farmers.

In this enchantment it is easy to come across the pajare, typical buildings of Salento, built to store agricultural tools or as a housing system during the summer months. The wonders and curiosities continue also on the east coast where the Coastal Tower "Minervino" stands, located on the provincial road Otranto - Santa Cesarea Terme. The tower was built in the sixteenth century, at the expense of the ancient Universitas of Minervino, during the reign of Charles V of Habsburg, today a destination for many tourists and curious looking for spectacular landscape photos.

Minervino di Lecce is a country to discover but also to taste. In fact, the agricultural tradition is perfectly combined with oenological and culinary innovation, thanks in particular to the excellent wine stores that animate the area, recognized and appreciated for their value by important Italian and foreign estimators. The spontaneity of the places and the talent for the reception, make Minervino an enchanting village: embellished by important historical-artistic monuments and, certainly, by the kindness of the inhabitants and by the professionalism of the tour operators.

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