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Martano has been considered “the informal capital of the Grecìa Salentina”, where “griko”, the ancient greek-salentinian dialect, is still known and utilized by Greek speakers of Martano. Martano’s historical centre, its most ancient core, was once termed “The old Land” and it reflects the so-called “Byzantine chora”, the strategic layout of the medieval village. The most prominent architectural element of the ancient village is the “courtyard house”, the unequivocal symbol of the ancient peasant civilisation, and confirmation of a highly productive community. This represents a priceless architectural heritage, where you can still feel the ancient flavor of rural Salento.

Once, at the entrance to the village there were two gates, no longer existent, situated along the present via Roma, the main street of the ancient village. Until the second half of the sixteenth century, Martano was completely surrounded by massive walls, as can be seen from two of the seven defensive towers still left standing, which were intended to help strengthen the town’s fortifications. Martano’s architecture has palaces and townhouses equipped with prestigious architectural and decorative elements, such as finely decorated balconies and windows, emblems of ancient families, portals and corner columns.

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