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Galatone, whose Greek name means “gala” that is “milk” is an ancient village in Salento placed in a wide network of agricultural communities, in which pasture farming was a source of richness and local development. It has a short trait of Ionian coast north of Gallipoli and is one of the ten most populated municipalities in the province of Lecce, having got the title of city in 2005.

Today Galatone can also boast the belonging to Borghi Autentici d’Italia. Once Koria was a term given to the houses like Galatone, to define those centres of noble byzantine and Greek origins and where the Greek language mixed throughout time with the local dialect. For its strategic position, Galatone is considered the meeting place from the Ionian to the Adriatic sea.

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Street A. Volta 21 - 73055 RACALE (LE) ITALY


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