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Tricase extends between the last south-eastern slopes of the Serre Salentine. The territory falls within the Costa Otranto Regional Park - S. M. di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase. A heritage rich in history and ancient links with the Levant, as evidenced by "the Byzantine Abbey of the Myth" which still stands out with its tower in the countryside of Tricase. The intertwining of different historical events and traditions, make Tricase an urban unicum in the context of the Salento municipalities.

With the princely family of Gallone, Tricase became in the seventeenth century the administrative centre of a vast feudal territory, which from Salve extended towards Supersano and Nociglia. The fortunes of the family still shine today in the prestigious artistic commissions preserved in the city's churches, works of high value made by renowned artists of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. In the twentieth century, Tricase became a fundamental part of the production and processing of tobacco products in the Province of Lecce and developed during the twentieth century an economic attitude to the tertiary sector. Today, with its 17,000 inhabitants, it stands in the territory of Capo di Leuca as a centre of services ranging from education to trade, small businesses, transport and especially to the health sector with its hospital centre d'excellence.

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Street A. Volta 21 - 73055 RACALE (LE) ITALY


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